Jemima Wyman: The Declaration of Resemblance and Fluid Insurgents

Brisbane artist Jemima Wyman's new photo-collages and video were inspired by the improvised radical chic of liberation armies. The 'irregular military' routinely distinguish themselves through their distinctive patterned/camouflaged outfits made in off-the-rack fabrics (like plaids), which simultaneously operate both as corporate uniform and disguise.

Art Exhibition previously on at IMA - Institute of Modern Art in Australia.
From Saturday 29 August 2009 to Saturday 17 October 2009

Boulder Cave Combat 2009 image

Published by Institute of Modern Art on Monday 19 October 2009.
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In her collages, figures disappear into or lurk within patterns that underpin corporate emblems. A skull, for instance, becomes a hive of deadly insurgents, floral yet festering. Meanwhile, her video explores camouflage in conjunction with humorous scenarios, violent actions, sexual titillation, and nauseating sound.