First Aid for Birds / Wanswan

Artists Jennifer Lea and Melissa Koh explore their identity, memory and belonging in their respective shows at theGuildford Lane Gallery.

Art Exhibition previously on at Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed) in Australia.
From Thursday 22 October 2009 to Sunday 01 November 2009
Launch Thursday 22 October 2009, 6pm

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Published by Guildford Lane Gallery on Thursday 22 October 2009.
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Guildford Lane Gallery welcomes a joint exhibition of work from artists Jennifer Lea and Melissa Koh. In ‘First Aid for Birds’, illustrator, photographer and filmmaker Lea presents ‘an account of selective memories from childhood in narrative illustrated form’, exploring issues of memory and identity.

In Wanswan, Melissa Koh examines national identity, exploring ‘Australian’ stereotypes through traditional Chinese arts. She says: “This body of work is a personal exploration of ideas about my own identity and belonging. The translation of my Chinese name is ‘Wan Ngor’ – Wan meaning cloudy and Ngor meaning swan.”