Nothing out of the ordinary

An exhibition exploring subversive ideas of suburbia and domesticity by Dianne Tanzer Gallery and Nellie Castan Gallery artists

Art Exhibition previously on at Nellie Castan Gallery in Australia.
From Thursday 26 November 2009 to Saturday 19 December 2009

Devoid Matter (black hare), 2008 image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 16 December 2009.
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Prudence Flint, Neil Haddon, Stephen Haley , Kate Just, Donna Marcus, Shaun O’Connor, Polixeni Papapetrou,
Reko Rennie, Natalie Ryan, Roh Singh, David Thomas & Darren Wardle

With a selection of their gallery artists, Dianne Tanzer Gallery and Nellie Castan Gallery brings together a group exhibition that explores unsettling suburban psychodramas and disturbances in, outside and around the home.

This exhibition aims to reflect a diverse perception of suburban surfaces and occupied spaces. Presenting various media practices and techniques that question and explore the boundaries of the everyday.

By connecting the works of these gallery artists it becomes apparent that some dark truth lies below the scene’s otherwise calm surface.

This exciting project has brought together the two gallery managers, Lisa Keen and Olivia Poloni, to collaborate and curate a major group exhibition with Artists from both galleries. Each gallery will host a themed group exhibition, November at Nellie Castan Gallery and Dianne Tanzer Gallery in 2010,

The title for the show ‘Nothing out of the Ordinary’ is quite cheeky, as it is actually very ‘out of the ordinary’ for galleries to work together in this way. This exciting, new and collegiate initiative illustrates the longstanding relationship between both galleries and their artists.