The Endless Garment: The New Craft of Machine Knitting

The Endless Garment at RMIT Gallery is a fashion exhibition exploring the connections between the craft of knitting and the use of machines and computer technology.

Art Exhibition previously on at RMIT Gallery in Australia.
From Friday 12 February 2010 to Sunday 21 March 2010
Launch Thursday 11 February 2010, 6-8pm

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Published by RMIT Gallery on Thursday 28 January 2010.
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The Endless Garment celebrates the virtuosity and future directions of the new craft of machine knitting which is changing the way fashion is designed and made. The exhibition will showcase the work of 12 international and Australian designers, including the remarkable contemporary fashion precedents of Miyake Design Studio, to the pioneering work of Yoshiki Hishinuma and the emerging talent of Sandra Backlund. Other designers include Cooperative Designs, Mark Fast, Yoshiki Hishinuma, Saverio Palatella, Freddie Robins, Sibling and Walter Van Beirendonck. Staged during the 2010 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, the exhibition displays new forms, experimental sampling and a series of ‘mini labs’ featuring computerised knitting machines producing experimental fashion. Gallery visitors will be able to watch technology in action producing highly original and experimental fashion design.