In Order Out

Inverted Topology, Grant Stevens, Dylan Martorell and Chaco Kato, Ry Haskings, Michael Georgetti, Angela Dufty.

Art Exhibition previously on at Anna Pappas Gallery in Australia.
From Thursday 04 February 2010 to Saturday 27 February 2010

S.E.A. Anuran Sound System.  image The Feeling image Untitled Construction #6 image Untitled Constructions #1-7 image Easy Melt image These Ones image These Ones (detail) image 2 x 2 image

Published by anonymous on Saturday 20 February 2010.
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In Order Out encompasses the work of a group of artists who, with an economy of means, and with reference to the geometric order of the page, screen and object, guide us toward an encounter with contingency. The featured works arrange their elements – often abstract forms filtered through the lens of design, deconstruction, assemblage or conceptual art – to explore a state in which chance and chaos arise out of order, rather than the other way around.