Last Show At Bus…For Now

For those of you who don’t know, this will be the LAST SHOW EVER at 177 Little Lonsdale Street. Come along and say goodbye to the old girl and enjoy our last batch of amazing artists.

Art Exhibition previously on at Bus Projects in Australia.
From Tuesday 02 March 2010 to Friday 19 March 2010
Launch Tuesday 02 March 2010,

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Published by anonymous on Saturday 27 February 2010.
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The Garment-Body – Sarah Berners – Main Space
The Garment-Body is a photographic and sculpture based exhibition which explores an intimate synthesis between flesh and fabric.

The Garment-Body is an exploration of the erotic appeal of inanimate materials in conjunction with the human body. The exhibition considers the fusing of flesh and fabric as a symptom of the human urge to bond with and transform the body in relation to its environments, objects and garb.

Days Of Our Lives – Melanie Chilianes – Sound Space
From Mel Chilianis, musician and sonic artist comes: The Days of Our Lives, an exploration into the relationship between popular TV soundtracks and sonic imaginings through a four-channel sound installation with performance.

The soap opera highlights relational conflagrations modulated via diminished chords, guitar gestures, low drones and smatterings of percussion to a mass audience. These musical significations are delivered alongside the emotional highs and lows of daily dramas. Impeccably timed dramatic and emotional intensities guide the soap as it unfolds.

Chilianis collects the melodies, intervals, themes and interludes that accompany these emotional intensities. For every phrase collected, she improvises a response of her own, exploring and questioning these as she constructs her installation. The installation re-imagines TV’s gendered emotional terrain through recombinatory and deconstructive digital processes.

The exhibition also features a tapestry by visual artist by Michelle Hamer.

The Days of Our Lives pulls inwards and outwards, drawing connections and highlighting tensions between personal expressiveness and cultural and social assumptions supported by popular soundtrack.

The Lodge – Bree Dalton, Sarah Lynch, Cherelyn Brearley, Sarah Oldham – Skinny Space
A collaborative installation proposed for the skinny gallery, which is to be transformed into a virtual esoteric space. four female artists work from the definition of he ‘lodge’ in its free Mason context, as a secret gathering of people in order to perform a magical sacred rite.

Forty-Four – Natalie McQuade – Foyer
Questions of Perception – isolating and amplifying elements of the everyday. A low-relief sculpture (1mm deep) cast directly onto the gallery walls (height 120cm) from the profiles of a set of keys.

Forms Twinned – Amelia Johannes – Window Seat
Forms Twinned is a video piece that experiments with the aesthetics of family resemblance found in family videos, where visual forms, like eyes, mouths and gestures act as a pattered generator of sameness to produce aspects of difference.