Camille Hannah



Art Exhibition previously on at Mailbox Art Space in Flinders Lane precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 09 March 2010 to Friday 16 April 2010
Launch Saturday 06 March 2010, 6pm

(Left) Venus (Right) Coalesce. image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 03 March 2010.
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Camille Hannah’s work lies between the figurative, which utilises ready-made perceptioins, and the non-figurative, or absolute abstraction.

This particular body of work posits the question of how the relationship of fear, powerlessness and consumerism has affected women and diffused their power base effectively pathologising them into commodifiable units. From this diminished position, the fear is alleviated by acts of purchase – the construction of a highly controlled, insulated world.

The collages describe an area specific to women and Hannah has used mediated images from magazines of fantasy-women, cut up to re-present these forms: an alternative reconstruction of a constructed universe.

The key concept that this theory revolves around is ‘desire’, the irretrievable loss at the heart of being: or an emotional, physical, aesthetic and political force.