Yuta Badayala (In a New Light)

Yuta Badayala (In a new light): A collaboration between Koskela and Yolngu artists from Elcho Island Arts.

Art Exhibition previously on at Object Gallery (Closed - see Australian Design Centre) in Australia.
From Saturday 06 February 2010 to Sunday 28 March 2010

 lights 03,04,05, image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 10 March 2010.
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Sydney-based interior and product design company Koskela are collaborating with Indigenous weavers from Arnhem Land to develop a range of interior product ideas. The exhibition will promote this exciting collaboration and showcase a range of floor and ceiling lights; the first market-ready outcomes from the process.

The long term project aims to provide Indigenous weavers with an additional stream of income from their work and to introduce new and compelling art products into contemporary interiors. The project represents a genuine collaboration, with the weavers contributing technical skills, material knowledge and artistic capabilities and Koskela contributing design and marketing skills along with their significant experience in the interiors market.

Koskela was established in 2000 by Russel Koskela and Sasha Titchkosky. Koskela products have featured in many of Australia’s leading corporate fit outs such as The Bond Lend Lease Sydney HQ, Stocklands, Caltex, Brisbane International Airport, Mallesons as well as in hospitality projects (Rockpool Bar and Grill) and various residential projects. Close to 80% of Koskela’s product range has been independently certified by GECA as being environmentally innovative. All Koskela products are manufactured in Australia.

Image: Roslyn Malngumba, Margaret Bambalara, Julienne Gitjpulu, Yuta Badayala lights 03,04,05, 2009. Photo: Anson Smart