Forum: "Where are they now?": Musings from Bus artists

So you've had a show at Bus. It went well. Lots of people came and they seemed to like your art. What happens next? Is it a matter of sitting around and waiting for the exhibition offers to come flooding in? Will you need to fend off gallerists desperate to represent you? Or do you just return to your garret to starve some more?

Art Exhibition previously on at Bus Projects in Australia.
From Wednesday 17 March 2010 to Wednesday 17 March 2010
Launch Wednesday 17 March 2010, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Published by anonymous on Saturday 13 March 2010.
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Hear three artists recount their experiences firsthand, starting with the exhibitions they have held at Bus and looking at the different directions they have taken since their shows. What did Bus actually offer them? Was it any different to what other ARIs or other art spaces offer? Featuring Tai Snaith, Masato Takasaka, & Chris Bond