Prudence Flint World Map

2004 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize winner Prudence Flint presents a new series of paintings in April and May at Nellie Castan Gallery. Flint's stunning, highly controlled paintings depict female figures in psychologically charged interiors, enveloped by fields of colour and suspended in time.

Art Exhibition previously on at Nellie Castan Gallery in Australia.
From Thursday 15 April 2010 to Saturday 08 May 2010

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 24 March 2010.
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Flint says of her subject: “She is a patchwork of muses… She is sometimes older, sometimes younger. I like that I can move in time, extend into the future and the past, into unlikely scenarios and the more familiar. I wanted these figures to be travelling in a completely other way.”

In this new series Flint’s quirky, ordinary and eccentric women are mostly contemplative, engaging in small tasks, pouring milk, perusing a map or newspaper, or drinking coffee, their thoughts apparently elsewhere.

MCA Curator Christine Morrow has said of Flint’s female subject: "…she is reflecting on the places she has been before deciding where to go next… Her focus of concentration is so strong as to crystallise the objects she contemplates while casting the rest of the world into a myopic blur.’’1

The complexity of Flint’s paintings lies in the figures’ contemplation, the paintings’ austere and precise execution and in each metaphoric, detailed element.

In 2004 Flint won the prestigious Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. She has been a finalist in the Archibald Portrait Prize (2006), the Salon des Refuses (2009), the Stan and Maureen Duke Gold Coast Art Award (2009), the Portia Geach Memorial Award (2009), the Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize (2009), the Robert Jacks Drawing Prize (2008) the Fletcher Jones Art Prize (2008) and National Works on Paper (2008). Flint has held solo exhibitions in Melbourne and Canberra and been included in numerous curated exhibitions including The Influence of Anxiety at Blindside Artist Run Space (2005) and Eye to I-Conceptions of Self in Recent Art at Ballarat Fine Art Gallery (2007) World map, 2009, oil on linen, 122 × 109cm

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World Map, 2009, oil on linen, 122 × 109cm