In this exhibition we explore pastoral landscapes with symbols of agriculture and family ambition. Dubbo streetscapes reveal the changing facades of shops and the hidden stories within. Storytellers spin yarns about Dubbo events and identities.

Art Exhibition previously on at Western Plains Cultural Centre in Australia.
From Friday 01 January 2010 to Saturday 01 January 2011

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 25 March 2010.
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Dubbo means red ochre. The city dwells in red soil western plains, infused with pastoral light and productivity. This place breathes the energy and passion of its people, past and present. We all experience place by moving through it, all our senses alive to its shifting shapes and moods. This sense of place is created through the entanglements of nature and culture, past and future dreams, shared stories and collective memory.

There are many objects from the old Dubbo Museum, material traces of past lives and aspirations. They speak in eloquent silence about people, place and possessions.