Volume II

Two years ago, we presented Greatest Hits / Previously Unreleased Tracks, a selection of video works from Queensland artists. It toured. Volume II is a follow up, presenting recent and not-so recent work by Queensland artists that we have worked with over the last couple of years.

Art Exhibition previously on at IMA - Institute of Modern Art in Australia.
From Saturday 24 October 2009 to Saturday 12 December 2009

Published by Institute of Modern Art on Saturday 27 March 2010.
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Aaron Burton’s Paradise is a sordid documentary about partying kids at Surfers Paradise. Grants Stevens’s Matter satirises cosmic awe, the unthinkable numbers involved in imagining the universe. Indigenous artist Vernon Ah Kee scrambles identity codes in his perverse self-portrait Whitefellanormal, originally produced as a thirty-second TV ad. The participants in Laith McGregor’s Ball Games seem to be flirting with us (or engaged in some bizarre form of self-pleasuring) until we realise what’s really going on. Jemima Wyman’s The Difficult Word is based on a peepshow-style performance, where viewers placed their heads through apertures in a soft-sculpture enclosure to watch the artist abjectly writhe around, fully encased in stretchy, stripey, and glittery clothes, under disco lights. Sculptor Lincoln Austin’s interference patterns carry his optical enquiries into video. Hiromi Tango observes herself asleep, cocooned in one of her installations. Gabriella and Silvana Mangano’s videos combine their interests in drawing and self-portaiture. Drawing 2 is shot off photographs in which the twin sisters wear photocopied eye masks, as if to hide from the camera while apparantly staring at it.