Contemporary Australian Drawings 1

Contemporary Australian Drawings 1 explores the depth and diversity found in the drawings of a selection of artists whose works appear in the forthcoming publication Contemporary Australian Drawing Volume 1.

Art Exhibition previously on at RMIT Gallery in Australia.
From Thursday 08 April 2010 to Saturday 26 June 2010
Launch Wednesday 07 April 2010, 6-8pm

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Published by RMIT Gallery on Sunday 28 March 2010.
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Curated by Dr Irene Barberis, Director of the international research centre, Metasenta Pty Ltd, the exhibition brings together over 25 well established artists who are represented in the book.
Whether the drawings are the actual interface with the public or are quiet private intimate notations within the process, the exhibition explores how drawing is an integral aspect of the artist’s thinking, doing, being, working, finding, crafting, musing and saying.
Contemporary Australian Drawings 1 reveals how each artist has their own ‘language of the mark’: that which defines aspects of their practice and response to the world.