Cheng-Chang Wu Presents Vision of Taiwan

Gallery at 3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Avenue

Our friends at Artists Wanted launched an international search for the world’s most compelling self-portraits last winter. Now we have the honor of presenting the winner’s work in our gallery. Photographer, Cheng-Chang Wu of Nan-Tou was selected from thousands of artists by judges Steve Buscemi, Chris Weitz, Helen Hsu and Sascha Lewis.

Art Exhibition previously on at 3rd Ward in New York, United States.
From Thursday 08 April 2010 to Sunday 18 April 2010

Published by anonymous on Friday 09 April 2010.
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Wu lures the viewer in with his beautifully intricate scenes, gathered from across Taiwan, but his work is one of resistance and social critique. In each photo he presents an apathetic character to bring attention to how we define and interact with our environment. His face always appears overexposed, blank and blinded. The figure “can only look with out seeing.” The figure neither registers the beauty nor the problems of Taiwan, leaving us with a lasting challenge to see what we are missing.

His works will be on display through April 18th and for sale through our gallery for the next few months. To schedule a private viewing or for more information email

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