Archeology Zone: Discovering Treasures from Playgrounds to Palaces

Children's Exhibition. In Archaeology Zone: Discovering Treasures from Playgrounds to Palaces, an engaging and thoroughly interactive experience, children become archaeologists as they search for clues about ancient and modern objects.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Jewish Museum in United States.
From Friday 01 January 2010 to Sunday 01 January 2012

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 14 April 2010.
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Visitors can discover what happens after archaeologists unearth artifacts and bring them back to their labs for in-depth analysis.

Children ages 3 through 10 magnify, sketch and weigh objects from the past and the present, piece together clay fragments, interpret symbols, and dress in costumes.

By examining these artifacts and imagining how people used these objects in their daily lives, children learn how forms have changed and evolved over time, and how these objects relate to their own lives.