And Then Something Fell On My Head

And Then Something Fell On My Head is a live performance that explores risk and fear; real and imagined. This tense, exhilarating performance contrasts the liveness of the physical body with the ‘raining down’ of thousands of inanimate objects, as they fall from the ceiling at an increasingly frenetic pace.

Art Exhibition previously on at 2010 Next Wave Festival in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 01 January 2010 to Friday 01 January 2010

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Published by 2010 Next Wave Festival on Tuesday 20 April 2010.
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And Then Something Fell On My Head plays on the audience’s trust, fear and expectations, creating an environment and viewing experience which is both mesmerising and confronting.

“When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated. But as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still dancing.” Chuck Prince, CEO of Citigroup, Financial Times July 2007 before the financial crisis.

Ashley Dyer’s work melds movement and sound, constructing and destroying connections between musicality and meaning. And Then Something Fell On My Head is part of a broad body of work by Dyer that explores the choreographic potential of falling objects.

This project is part of the 2010 Next Wave Festival’s Dance Program. Click HERE to read more about it.

Supporters: Australia Council for the Arts, City of Melbourne, ISIS, University of Sydney Performance Studies Department UNSW School of English Media and Performing Arts Open Channel, PACT, Quarterbred.

Commissioned and developed by Next Wave through Kickstart 2009.