Film that will end in Death

Film that will end in Death follows a variety of individuals as they discuss their passion for, and relationship to, risk. Dunkeld artist Trevor Flinn conceived this documentary-based project as a series of evolving interviews, interwoven with passages of 8mm film. The resulting multi-channel video installation explores this compelling subject from a range of styles and perspectives.

Art Exhibition previously on at 2010 Next Wave Festival in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 08 May 2010 to Monday 31 May 2010
Launch Friday 07 May 2010, 6:00PM at Kings ARI, Level 1, 171 King Street, Melbourne

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Published by 2010 Next Wave Festival on Tuesday 20 April 2010.
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Film that will end in Death presents the viewer with a number of inspiring tales that hint at universal, all encompassing truths about existence. Interspersed with these are expressionistic sections of evocative video imagery, which hint at a darker, less rational side to these activities. The fascinating stories told within the film all respond differently to the idea of risk, unravelling the complex nature of the subject. Some of the interviewed subjects have an innate desire to engage in risky activity, such as lion taming or rock climbing, where as others prefer to live precariously, risking everything for the sake of injured animals or to follow unconventional lifestyles.

It’s easy to forget the fact that risk was once part of everyday life. These days it seems that we only really begin thinking about risk if we start a journey into the unknown. Film that will end in Death is itself a journey into the unknown. Take a moment to listen to a story, meditate in the silence that follows, and then contact a vocational guidance counsellor or visit your local travel agent.

Supporters: City of Melbourne, Kings ARI, 1000 £ Bend, Mortiz