Private Dances

Private Dances is all about intimate encounters with dance. One on one performances, private rooms and damn good dancing all fan out from an exquisite central banquet. Through the course of the evening audiences are invited to eat, drink, talk and work their way through a formidable selection of live dance and dance on screen.

Art Exhibition previously on at 2010 Next Wave Festival in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 12 May 2010 to Sunday 16 May 2010
Launch Friday 14 May 2010, 8:00PM

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Published by 2010 Next Wave Festival on Tuesday 20 April 2010.
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Featuring a diverse cross section of super-fine work by a new generation of top-notch dancers, choreographers and dance film makers, Private Dances houses individual works in a series of tiny private rooms. These rooms envelop one audience member at a time, enfolding them into each artist’s world before sending them back to join the banquet.

This is not your average dance/theatre project. It’s an immersive and celebratory event showcasing the work of 20 emerging dance artists and encouraging people to be brave in conversation about dance. And its not just about contemporary dance – Private Dances will include performances and films that are culturally and stylistically diverse, taking in krump, highland, contortion, and beyond…

This project is part of the 2010 Next Wave Festival’s Dance Program. Click HERE to read more about it.

Supported by: The Australia Council for the Arts, Besen Family Foundation, ReelDance, City of Melbourne, Bird Man Eating, Innocent Bystander, White Rabbit, Thread Den, Nicedevice, Ausdance, Helen Gory Galerie, Fort Lytton/Queensland Govt., Arts House

Arts House, Meat Market, 5 Blackwood St, North Melbourne