Andrea Eckersley and Dell Stewart at Craft Victoria.

In Triangle Andrea Eckersley and Dell Stewart reject hierarchical distinctions between art and craft to explore the dynamic interplay between their diverse practices.

Art Exhibition previously on at Craft Victoria in Australia.
From Thursday 29 April 2010 to Saturday 12 June 2010
Launch Thursday 29 April 2010, 6 - 8 pm

Dell Stewart, Triangle. image

Published by anonymous on Saturday 24 April 2010.
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Both Dell and Andrea are engaged in the making of clothes, sculptures and two dimensional works. The acquisition of craft skills and knowledge, and the understanding of a new process or technology sparks new ideas and new ways of expression. All aspects of this work contribute to an enriched practice, avoiding dissatisfaction with compartmentalized production and revelling in the hands-on problem-solving of making things, from the decorative through to the functional, the conceptual, and the abstract. Craft is also seen as a treasured series of connections between people, handing down skills and developments, this collection of knowledge is a very real and lively way to engage in the traditions of creativity and to forge new relationships, with the work and with people, audience and maker alike.

This exhibition will explore each artists creative process and the interplay between various practices. There will be no distinction between the hierarchy of the objects they make in their respective practices – rather it is the interplay between these practices that is important. It will showcase various works including clothing, painting, sculpture, animation, accessories and collage. The relationship between these two, three and four dimensional works will be highlighted through the design of the exhibition. This creative process is an important part of each artist’s practice. Indeed, parts of this process are also products or art works in their own right, further exemplifying the fine line between art, craft and fashion, in relation to what is a product and what is process.


Craft Victoria, Gallery 2
31 Flinders lane, Melbourne.