Mind and Matter: Meditations on Immateriality

Main Gallery

Mind and Matter will focus on contemporary glass as sculptural form. The exhibition considers artists who take a counter-intuitive approach to glass – toning down the sensual dimension of colour, transparency and plasticity to concentrate our attention on the immaterial presence of their quiet, meditative forms.

Art Exhibition previously on at Object Gallery (Closed - see Australian Design Centre) in Australia.
From Saturday 05 June 2010 to Sunday 25 July 2010

Surge 7, 2008 image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 02 May 2010.
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In Mind and Matter guest curator Margot Osborne brings together eight of Australia’s most innovative and exciting artists working in contemporary glass: Masahiro Asaka, Gabriella Bisetto, Brian Corr, Mel Douglas, Deb Jones, Jessica Loughlin, Janice Vitkovsky and Richard Whiteley.

This incisive exhibition maps important sculptural, poetic and cerebral tendencies within contemporary glass.

A revelation to those who typecast glass as bright, shiny and decorative, these artists approach it differently; toning down its colour saturation, emphasising its quieter dimensions of transparency, surface and depth to draw attention inwards, to concentrate the gaze on the evocative presence of these quiet and meditative forms.

Osborne states: ‘The medium of glass has an intrinsic propensity towards ineffable beauty, resonance and metaphor.

The artists in Mind and Matter create tensions between this inherent beauty and the discipline of restraint, understatement, and austerity. Each of the artists works with cast or kiln-formed glass in distinctive, visually articulate and formally experimental ways. Each is pushing the limits of what is possible from a technical standpoint, but always
to achieve an artistic outcome that transcends mere technical virtuosity’.

Mind and Matter: Meditations on Immateriality is an independent curatorial project developed by Margot Osborne and presented in association with JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design and Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design. meditations on immateriality