Inside Out: Rapid Prototyping

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The exhibition is the outcome of an exchange program between art school centres and artist groups in the United Kingdom and Australia and is being launched simultaneously at Object and in the United Kingdom. The works have been produced by 23 Australian and 23 British artists and designers.

Art Exhibition previously on at Object Gallery (Closed - see Australian Design Centre) in Australia.
From Saturday 05 June 2010 to Sunday 25 July 2010

Two (rhombic triacontahedron + rhombic hexacontahedron) image Minus image What is left image Monocular image Measuring Cup (Sydney 1859 - 2009) image Salix Morrisia image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 02 May 2010.
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Inside Out is both the title and theme for this compelling international touring exhibition which focuses on emerging digital design techniques and the growth of sophisticated rapid prototyping tools and methods. It features a unique set of fifty-six miniature sculptures produced in resin using stereo- lithography (3D printing) or rapid prototyping technologies.

The sculptures on exhibition reveal how developments in virtual computer visualisation and integrated digital technologies, alongside established techniques, can give contemporary makers new insight and opportunities to create objects and forms which were previously impossible to produce or difficult to envisage.