Inches Per Second

Nine young Video Artists

SCREENING IN QUEENSLAND Inches Per Second will be screening at RawSpace Gallery in Queensland after several successful screenings in Melbourne.

Art Exhibition previously on in Brisbane precinct, Queensland, Australia.
From Saturday 24 November 2007 to Sunday 09 December 2007

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Gathering artists from backgrounds as diverse as music video production, sound art, visual arts who all utalise performance in their video work as a form of documentation or experimentation. This project sets out to present works and artists in spaces where the audience are transient and in a constant state of flux and motion.

Participating Artists

Simon Pericich
Ash Keating
Kiron Robinson
Kylie Ligetwood
Tanja Visosevic
David Short
Remie Cibis
Amanda Schembri
Kellie Wells

Curated by

Kieran Stewart


Raw Space – Queensland
open 7am till 4-pm Mon to Fri