David Rosetzky

David Rosetzky works predominantly in video and photographic formats, creating scenarios in which human behaviour, interactions, individuality and identity come under intimate observation. Technically and aesthetically precise, his slick portraits resemble the idealized images found in high end advertising screen culture.

Art Exhibition previously on at Sutton Gallery in Australia.
From Thursday 11 November 2010 to Saturday 18 December 2010

Nothing Like This image

Published by Sutton Gallery on Tuesday 18 May 2010.
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Rosetzky has been making portraits since the early 1990s. His stylized, moody and strikingly beautiful videos, photographs, animations, sculptures and drawings are presented in complex installations that explore the central themes of identity, subjectivity, contemporary culture and community. Rosetzky is primarily interested in the ways in which relationships with others shape a sense of self and group belonging. Artifice, illusion, deceit and anxiety are subtle themes that extend across his practice.

Fashion, with its emphasis on surface and materiality, provides an interesting counterpoint to Rosetzky’s interest in layering and portraiture and the relationship between interiority and exteriority, reality and fantasy, authenticity and artificiality.

‘Over the last decade …[Rosetzky] has quickly and quietly amassed one of the most coherent, nuanced and interpretatively resonant bodies of work in the country. Single-minded and singular in approach, the hallmark of his practice is an intensely self-aware contemporary emotional mannerism.’ Robert Cook, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Western Australia, 2007.

Rosetzky also curated several projects at 1st Floor over a 6 year period, connected with such events as the Melbourne Fashion Festival and the Melbourne Fringe Festival. He has received particular awards and grants over a short time, to assist with professional development and new work, and has been Artist in Resident at Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, and Dunedin Public Art Gallery, NZ. Rosetzky was a studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces 2002-03. Rosetzky was awarded the inaugural Anne Landa Art Award for Moving Image and New Media Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales in 2005.