Dream Weavers

Dream Weavers brings together artists working with the visual languages of the holistic and the spiritual. They use aesthetics and interests most strongly associated with New Age and counter-cultural movements of the 1960s and 1970s, as a means of reappraising the power of mysticism, paganism, the supernatural, arcane symbolism, folk, goddess worship and tribalism.

Art Exhibition previously on at CAST in Australia.
From Saturday 29 May 2010 to Sunday 27 June 2010
Launch Friday 28 May 2010, 6pm opening and performance. Floor talk Saturday 29 May 2pm

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Published by Kate Just on Monday 24 May 2010.
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This desire to reintegrate archaic and animist belief systems back into dominant Western culture has a strong lineage in art history that is widely evidenced in art movements such as primitivism, surrealism, folk art, land art and feminism. In the tradition of artists before them, the nine artists in Dream Weavers wield aptly constructive and process oriented techniques: including performance, collage, knitting, clay modelling, assemblage, mixed media installation, patterned drawing and experimental music. Many of them reinterpret or converse with previous artists and their works, while others rely on forms of layering, selectively obscuring images or materials. While the artists in Dream Weavers romanticise the past, each manages to move beyond seductive surface, style, nostalgia and kitsch, in an earnest engagement with the personal, spiritual and natural world.

Sean Bailey, Belle Bassin, Jacque Drinkall, James Eisen, Nathan Gray, Michelle Hanlin, Kate Just, Dylan Martorell, Alasdair McLuckie.

Curators: Kate Just and Daine Singer