In Periscope

In Periscope is a guided city tour see through a wondrous, mechanical, horizon altering, memory inducing looking device - all neatly packed into a helmet. The project continues the Affective Urbanism series of small, independent works that explore our emotional and physiological response toward the urban environment.

Art Exhibition previously on at Bus Projects in Australia.
From Saturday 29 May 2010 to Sunday 30 May 2010
Launch Saturday 29 May 2010, Saturday 29 May and Sunday 30 May from 11am

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Published by anonymous on Monday 24 May 2010.
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Beginning in Centre Place, you’ll be led on a guided tour of a familiar part of the city seeing only what is above you. Like the deliberate act of taking a photograph, the act of putting on the periscope helmet primes you for a new way of seeing. By looking up without lifting your head back, you disrupt your usual experience of the world rushing towards you. Sounds are not heard together with what is seen and you must piece together fragments of what you see to form something whole; In Periscope is an exercise in sensory reconnection and memory creation.

Helmet design and construction: Rob Jan
Supporters: City of Melbourne, Bus Projects

In Periscope tours take place on Saturday 29 May and Sunday 30 May from 11am. The tours are free but bookings are essential as space is limited. Full details and bookings can be made here:

This project has been supported by the City of Melbourne
Promotional support by Bus Projects