mailbox & stairwell window installations

Continuing my exploration of our relationship with common noisy wild urban birds I use the idea of sprechgesang (spoken-song) and the phonetics of naturalists in field guides to try to communicate with the birds (or talk to the animals).

Art Exhibition previously on at Mailbox Art Space in Australia.
From Tuesday 01 June 2010 to Friday 09 July 2010

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 01 June 2010.
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Also by Catherine Clover – BILLING AND COOING II

A large external banner on the Trocadero billboard, Footscray
Billboard@Trocadero 6th May – 6th July 2010
The billboard is external and located above the Trocadero shopping centre on the corner of Hopkins and Leeds Streets, Footscray, opposite Footscray Market.