Marc Freeman - Broken Canon

Gallery II

This show embraces non-objective art as a way to engage in a purely visual capacity, unaffected by restrictive and learned modes of language. They are as much about process as the result.

Art Exhibition previously on at Nellie Castan Gallery in Australia.
From Thursday 10 June 2010 to Saturday 03 July 2010
Launch Thursday 10 June 2010, 6pm - 8pm

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Published by anonymous on Monday 07 June 2010.
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Artist Statement

All at once I have the desire to create something meaningful and an acceptance that it’s probably not possible.

“The meaning of life consists in the search for the meaning of life.” Terry Eagleton

Using methods inherent to painting, I contrast different applications against one another; the hand-made mark against the finite process of collage selection, the building up of layers against the sanding back and deterioration of layers. The biomorphic shapes reference the known world but make no claim of belonging to it. All of these elements are employed to elicit a response, which is open-ended and undetermined.