Basil Sellers Art Prize 2010

The Basil Sellers Art Prize encourages a dynamic and critical reflection on all forms of sport and sporting culture in Australia. This exhibition will present works in various media by contemporary Australian artists shortlisted for the second biannual award, which offers $100 000 for a single outstanding work of art.

Art Exhibition previously on at Ian Potter Museum of Art in Australia.
From Friday 06 August 2010 to Sunday 07 November 2010

‘Wilma Jr (‘Blacky’)’ from the series ‘The Sport and Fair Play of Aussie Rules’  image Steve Waugh’s last test match at the MCG (detail) 2004 image Blood sport 2010 image

Published by Ian Potter Museum of Art on Monday 14 June 2010.
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Shortlisted artists for the 2010 prize and exhibition are: Vernon Ah Kee, Eric Bridgeman, Juan Ford, Phillip George, Tarryn Gill & Pilar Mata Dupont, Ponch Hawkes, Grant Hobson, David Jolly, Richard Lewer, Noel McKenna, Glenn Morgan, David Ray, Gareth Sansom and Tony Schwensen.