TWINSHIPS. A dance performance. Deanne Butterworth

Produced and presented by Dancehouse

In Twinships, dancer/choreographer Deanne Butterworth collaborates with sound designer Michael Munson to create two worlds, the sonic and the physical, in order to challenge the way we observe and perceive people. A jewel-like reflective centerpiece that projects images of botanical and architectural landscapes is both set and metaphor.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Wednesday 21 July 2010 to Sunday 25 July 2010

Published by anonymous on Saturday 26 June 2010.
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As Butterworth dances her solo, she manipulates the mirrored psyche of the Twinships’ worlds to expose notions of perception, truth and misrepresentation. Twinships reveals the universality of isolation by allowing private moments to become public within a multiplicity of potential worlds.

Butterworth has been described as “a master of seductive lyricism” and her dance style, imbued with both elegant minimalism and explosive gesture, as “effortlessly massive” (Real Time). In Twinships, she expands upon these qualities by juxtaposing a statuesque angularity against a rhythmic repetitive kinesis, like a heartbeat that quickens then slows, responding to external and internal stimuli.

Deanne Butterworth has been working in contemporary dance for over 15 years. Career highlights as a performer include working with Shelley Lasica, Danceworks Company, Sandra Parker Dance and Balletlab, both in Australia and overseas; performing for and collaborating with Jo Lloyd; and creating work with Tim Harvey in NYC and Melbourne. Deanne has also created a number of solo works, most recently, oneandthesame, a work for video; Dual Reperage in Threes, a solo work for which she was nominated for a Green Room Award for Best Female Performer; and Dual Reperage shown at the ‘With The Lot’ event at Lucy Guerin Inc.

Michael Munson’s work embraces a wide variety of contemporary practices and modes of performances within contemporary music, whilst maintaining a commitment to the heritage of the avant-garde and a keen awareness of current trends in the vastness of the techno/acoustic ambient genres. He has collaborated with Butterworth on her last three works.


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