Last Moments

Queensland Centre for Photography

Opening night – Saturday 17th July at 5pm. All welcome. Exhibition runs until 15th August, 2010

Art Exhibition previously on at Queensland Centre for Photography in Brisbane precinct, Queensland, Australia.
From Saturday 17 July 2010 to Sunday 15 August 2010
Launch Saturday 17 July 2010, 5-8pm

Untitled, 2008. From the series Last Moments image

Published by Phil Roubin on Monday 05 July 2010.
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Last Moments portrays an abandoned Art Deco residence, reflecting traces of both its former glory and past inhabitants enhanced by the dream-like, filmic-styled photography.

Creating a sense of mystery through references to the ‘haunted house’, film noir and the family Polaroid collection, the images offer nostalgia and familiarity. The fragmented narrative engages and invites the viewer to journey further and construct a storyline, or simply recognise the incomplete picture as a mirror of how little we know about those around us.


Corner of Cordelia and Russell Streets
(diagonally across from Musgrave park) South Brisbane.