Emily O’Brien is a trained goldsmith and interior designer. In this installation she uses jewellery to explore the esoteric fragments of childhood memory.

Art Exhibition previously on at Mailbox Art Space in Australia.
From Monday 16 August 2010 to Saturday 28 August 2010
Launch Saturday 14 August 2010, 6pm


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CRAFT CUBED satellite exhibition at MAILBOX 141.

Emily O’Brien’s jewellery designs engage with linguistic and conceptual themes that relate to ideas of perception and residual memory. At times, they manifest within the formal perimeters of the psychedelic aesthetic. Her miniature fine art objects, that can often be worn on the body as jewellery, assume a more intimate and human scale than traditional psychedelic art – rejecting many of the genre’s phenomenological concerns in lieu of engaging directly with childhood deceptions and perception.

HYPERBOLIC DOUBT is a journey of co-discovery through integration of thought, feeling, agency, and selfhood, possessing a cognitive ability to distinguish the external world from one’s own psyche. It explores philosopher, René Descartes process that doubting the truth of his beliefs could in turn determine which beliefs he could be certain were true.

‘Several years have now elapsed since I first became aware that I had accepted, even from my youth, many false opinions for true, and that consequently what I afterward based on such principles was highly doubtful; and from that time I was convinced of the necessity of undertaking once in my life to rid myself of all the opinions I had adopted, and of commencing anew the work of building from the foundation…’, René Descartes, Meditation I, 1641

Emily O’Brien is the founder of collaborative performance art group, Optical Eyes, which explores psychedelic visual stimulation through layers of film, mechanical props, costume and sound. In 2009 O’Brien toured with Optical Eyes for Electrofringe; the National Gallery of Australia acquired O’Brien’s Hair Chairs for the Wolfensohn Gift collection and O’Brien collaborated with eX de Medici for the Canberra-based show Retroactive. In 2005 O’Brien received an arts ACT travel grant to Germany to exhibit her Chip on the Shoulder brooches in the international craft exhibition, Talente in Munich.

Craft Cubed is a highly participatory festival creating space for practitioners and the public to engage with contemporary issues through the medium of craft. The theme for Craft Cubed 2010 is Childhood. A universal concept that is common to all societies, this phase is linked to the testing of boundaries, as notions of right and wrong are established. Childhood is also strongly associated with concepts of experimentation and play. Through the investigation of imagination and morality, the theme of ‘Childhood’ is intended to create a powerful arts event that generates inspiration amongst people of all ages, especially the young at heart!

Guest curated by Kim Brockett



31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000