Phil Roubin, Pride. Trocadero Art Space

Trocadero Art Space

Themes of self-respect and honour are distilled for the viewer in the photographic series, Pride.

Art Exhibition previously on at Trocadero Art Space in Footscray precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 31 July 2010 to Saturday 14 August 2010
Launch Saturday 31 July 2010, 4pm - 6pm

Pride, 2009 image

Published by Phil Roubin on Thursday 22 July 2010.
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Vladimir is an 82-year-old Russian migrant living in Melbourne whose life and experiences are a melting pot of cultures. Vladimir’s ‘collections’; items found lying roadside on his walks, are laid out in an arresting testament to his pride. A Russian Red Star flanked by war medals hangs alongside small trinkets. Clipped magazine people, such as the bodybuilder and Kevin Rudd mingle with faded portraits from his
birth country.

Notions of juxtaposition and presentation extend to his series of tattoos, including portraits of Stalin and Lenin on his right breast, and his tribute to the hibernating turtle he buried alive as a child. Arranged with care and consideration, items are presented as in a museum or gallery, open by appointment only for those closest to him.


Trocadero Art Space, Level 1,
119 Hopkins Street Footscray, VIC