Nicholas Chalmers

Ze Frog and Toad

18-months after his debut art show YES! YES! YES! Thankyou but no! in Brisbane, Nicholas Chalmers is back to move his audience, but this time around in the back of a rental truck. Ze Frog & Toad is the latest brain-child of Chalmers’ projects. Deciding to challenge the conventional gallery space, Chalmers will exhibit his latest works in the back of a modified removal style truck.

Art Exhibition previously on at Citylights Projects in Australia.
From Friday 03 September 2010 to Friday 03 September 2010
Launch Friday 03 September 2010, 5 to 8pm

Ze Frog and Toad image

Published by Andy Mac on Wednesday 25 August 2010.
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The exhibition will be showcased in its first location in association with Citylights Projects, on Friday 3rd of September in Melbourne for one night only, followed by Sydney and Brisbane.

Ze Frog & Toad is a fresh take on the quintessential stark white walls of the modern gallery space. Featuring Chalmers’ latest collection of paintings, photographs and prints, Ze Frog and Toad exhibits an array of small artworks for sale.

Showcasing ornate, detailed ink work on wood and paper, along with photographs from his worldly travels, Chalmers’ portrays his quirky perspective of situations and expectations, illustrating his social views. His didactic yet humorous artwork aims to entertain, provoke and engage his viewers.

Ze Frog and Toad is being showcased in Melbourne on Friday 3rd September from 5.30pm at Citylights Projects on the corner of Rutledge and Hosier Lane, in Sydney on Friday 10th September from 5.30pm on the North end of Marlborough Street, Surry Hills, and in Brisbane on Friday 17th September from 6pm at Nine Lives Gallery. Challenging the conventional gallery space, and providing his audience with a fresh concept, Ze Frog and Toad is sure to encapsulate Chalmers’ meticulous artistic touch and insight to provide an exhibition high in quality and innovative standards.

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