Fire, storm, sand and water are themes explored by feature artist Maureen Hudson Nampatjinpa, who will be present at Artitja Fine Art’s KIN AND COUNTRY exhibition opening on Friday 15th October in South Fremantle.

Art Exhibition previously on at Artitja Fine Art in Australia.
From Friday 15 October 2010 to Sunday 31 October 2010
Launch Friday 15 October 2010, 6.30pm

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 02 September 2010.
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Keeping it all in the family and adding to the thematic mix with Bush Onion and Budgerigar dreaming stories, Maureen’s paintings will be on display alongside her sister Jean Nampitjinpa, her daughter Gwenda Turner Nungarrayi and Gwenda’s mother-in-law Nancy Martin Napangardi. All of the artists hail from Mt Allen and Willowra country in the central desert, and express their ancestral stories through a similar but distinctive use of fine dots.

“To observe the diversity of visual interpretations from four artists so closely connected is fascinating, says Artitja Fine Art Director Anna Kanaris. “Sisters Jean and Maureen’s work can be so similar in some instances you need to look very closely to distinguish the differences, whilst Gwenda’s work has such eye-challenging movement that her water dreaming is almost literal in its movement.

When Nancy’s very fine dot work, was first introduced at our last show, even those with 20/20 vision had to bring out the magnifying glass to fathom how she could paint dots so tiny and create a painting which although is about the bush onion plant, is reminiscent of ancient Greek mosaic. It’s extraordinary!”

Maureen Nampitjinpa’s high level of skill and diversity are evident in this exhibition. Having begun painting in 1988 Maureen has a natural flair for colour and innovation in her designs. She is passionate about her art and as this exhibition indicates, enjoys nothing more than sitting with her children and family members, painting.

“This exhibition has been more than a year in the making and we are delighted that such a high profile artist as Maureen will be flying over to be in attendance”, says Kanaris.

As well as being present on opening night Maureen will be giving an artist talk on Saturday 16th October in the gallery at 2pm.

KIN AND COUNTRY is free to the public, opening Friday 15th October 6.30pm and continuing 11am to 5pm daily to 31st October.

330 South Terrace, South Fremantle