Philip Wolfhagen | A Painter's Landscape

As one of Australia's acclaimed landscape painters, Philip Wolfhagen continues to create deeply evocative, beautiful and soothing works. His much anticipated first solo exhibition at Karen Woodbury Gallery will be a strong representation of his current practice of superb traditional landscape painting.

Art Exhibition previously on at Karen Woodbury Gallery in Australia.
From Wednesday 22 September 2010 to Saturday 16 October 2010
Launch Wednesday 22 September 2010, 6-8pm

Second study for A Painter's Landscape III 2010 image

Published by Karen Woodbury Fine Art on Monday 20 September 2010.
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The exhibition will comprise of a body of picturesque oil and beeswax paintings. In this new work, bush scrub, leafy tree branches and paddocks are set on a background of various horizon lines as natural light is explored. Wolfhagen’s paintings examine themes of memory, change and continuity through everyday observations. A personal interpretation of the natural world is depicted as scenes are painted based on familiar moods and emotional responses. The ‘feeling’ of place and awe associated with breathtaking scenes dominates his creative investigations.