Inspired by an Australia Council residency in Rome in late 2009, Soul /Skin/Space explores the potential for bodily metaphors to be found in the physical environment. The exhibition includes several site-specific works including two wall drawings that will evolve in the Gallery over the duration of the show (contact gallery for times).

Art Exhibition previously on in Brunswick precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 17 September 2010 to Sunday 10 October 2010

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Published by anonymous on Saturday 25 September 2010.
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In Rome there exists the incredibly powerful sense of human presence and a profound history in the depiction of the human form. The body is everywhere, both living and dead, flesh and stone, in the museums and galleries, on the streets, the aqueducts and fountains. The city itself is a living, breathing entity, an ancient being possessing the wisdom and knowledge borne out of three thousand years of experience. It has loved and lost, been abandoned and left others behind, lived through riches and poverty, triumphs, defeats and tragedies.

Just as the contours of my own skin become a map of my personal history, so too does the surface of a place function as a kind of skin, a palimpsest bearing the traces and scars of a lifetime. The weathered ‘skin’ of Rome is recreated here, with rubbings taken from surfaces around the city. Glimpses of faces and figures evoke memories of a once vigorous and youthful body now aged and weary. And fragments of stone and marble are like broken bones and worn teeth, the relics of a once revered individual now almost reduced to dust.

My work has always primarily been inspired by images of the body, both its exterior surfaces and intricate internal structures. Recently my artistic practice has evolved from a more traditional approach to drawing towards working ephemerally with larger-scale installation. Using techniques such as light projection and drawing directly onto the walls and floor, I explore the use of alternative surfaces and spaces. My drawings, which begin on paper in a more conventional manner, serve as the basis for creating installations where the original work becomes transformed by light, scale and the distortions created by using a three-dimensional space as my working surface. For just a short time the work belongs solely to the space it is made in and often, when working physically in that space, it is the process of creation that takes on greater importance than the finished product.


Counihan Gallery in Brunswick
233 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056

Wednesday to Saturday 11am – 5pm
Sunday 1pm – 5pm
Ph: 03 9389 8622

Curator: Edwina Bartlem