Kickstart your Art with Next Wave

Next Wave's Artistic Program Manager, Ulanda Blair, is heading up to This is Not Art in Newcastle to spill the beans on Kickstart 2011.

Art Exhibition previously on in Newcastle precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 02 October 2010 to Saturday 02 October 2010
Launch Saturday 02 October 2010, 12-1pm

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Published by 2010 Next Wave Festival on Monday 27 September 2010.
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Strap yourselves in people, Next Wave’s Kickstart 2011 program is about to take off! Kickstart 2011 is a development program for young artists, providing cash, project development workshops, critical feedback, and all kinds of creative and logistical support to help them create mind-blowing new projects for the 2012 Next Wave Festival. Head to the Kickstart briefing session at TINA to find out what’s in store for Kickstart 2011, and hear advice on how to nail the application process.

Lodge of Instruction: Crackhouse
102 King St, Newcastle

You can also catch Ulanda on the following panel discussion:

Choose the artists you want and drag them into the right order: Why curating is like burning a mix CD
Saturday 2 October 11am-12pm
Lodge of Research: Crackhouse
102 King St, Newcastle

Both sessions are presented by Crack Theatre Festival, as part of This is Not Art 2010.