Views from the Vanishing Point

In the month of October art-theorists-in-training, Shelley McSpedden and Jessica Neath, will take up residence at Sutton Gallery’s Project Space in Fitzroy. Functioning as a kind of theoretical laboratory, the residency will be used to test the points where their individual research projects converge.

Art Exhibition previously on at Sutton Gallery in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 30 September 2010 to Saturday 23 October 2010
Launch Saturday 16 October 2010, 3-5pm

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Published by Sutton Gallery on Tuesday 28 September 2010.
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Working under the guiding title, Views from the vanishing point, they will explore a shared interest in site based practice and representations of the past.

Through a series of joint tasks, public events and exhibitions they will open up their research process with the aims of sounding out and challenging ideas central to their projects, whilst playing with a collaborative approach to research. In doing so, they hope to generate and examine an array of perspectives on the imaginative, phenomenological and ideological dynamics informing perceptions of place and history.

Shelley McSpedden and Jessica Neath are postgraduate students in Art Theory at Monash University. Jessica’s project, Empty lands: photography, trauma and history, considers recent photo-based works by Australian artists Ricky Maynard and Anne Ferran. Documenting sites in Tasmania that were witness to traumatic events and practices in its colonial history, this project asks, how do these works use photography critically to represent landscape, history and trauma? What can a place-based approach to telling histories realise? Shelley’s project examines a range of contemporary practitioners who adopt a field work approach when investigating the cultural and political histories of specific geographic locales. She is particularly interested in the challenges faced by contemporary itinerant artists when attempting to produce ethical representations of histories that are not their own.

Open Day
An open invitation to visit the project space, share ideas related to the concepts of history and place, view exhibited works and read writing produced during the residency. Cups of tea on offer.

Sutton Project Space Opening Hours
1-5pm fri & sat