Lorraine Heller-Nicholas

Loves me not is a series of large-format monochrome prints that investigate the role of struggle within romance narratives. Loves me not considers issues of power, control and the love object. This work identifies particular moments in a causal chain, employing ‘movie blood red’ as a visual motif to emphasise the importance of embodied sensation and affect over narrative itself.

Art Exhibition previously on at NO NO GALLERY in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 13 January 2011 to Saturday 29 January 2011

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 28 September 2010.
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Love is a narrative. Death is a narrative. What happens when these stories intersect, and romance collapses? Whatever its name – unrequited love, crime of passion, amour fou – when the ‘true love’ narrative goes askew, tensions snap. In this moment, details become explosively irrelevant, and elements so important to the romance narrative dissolve under the weight of the visceral intensity of broken hearts.