Matt Coyle – The Shades: New Drawings and Prints

Gallery 1 (Downstairs)

Matt Coyle’s signature use of black pen on white paper has evolved over many years, allowing him to explore the possibilities of line and the dramatic effects of light and shadow. Imbuing his images with dense pictorial narratives of disturbing and macabre scenes, he brings out what is hidden, murky or indistinct within the shadows, making The Shades horrifying yet strangely absorbing.

Art Exhibition previously on at Anna Pappas Gallery in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 13 October 2010 to Saturday 13 November 2010

Time Out image The Shades #9 image The Shades #10 image You And Me Day #1 image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 06 October 2010.
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The settings for these dramatic moments come from Coyle’s own surrounds: his house, his garden, his neighbourhood and Tasmanian urban landscapes in which he lives. Coyle photographs these settings and draws from the photographs, while generating his narratives from the repository of horror film themes and, most importantly, his own dreams. His impeccable draughtsmanship gives these works a cinematic aura that is both aesthetically fascinating and intensely bewitching, while the faceless characters and unknown events that lurk here give rise to infinite unfolding possibilities of past, present and future dialogue between the work and the viewer.