Jayne Dyer – Talking In Tongues

Gallery 2 (Upstairs)

In Talking In Tongues, Jayne Dyer posits the scenario of two people having a conversation. After the conversation each person recollects what was said and what was meant. Two people, two stories, common yet separate, simultaneously connected and disconnected.

Art Exhibition previously on at Anna Pappas Gallery in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 13 October 2010 to Saturday 13 November 2010

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 06 October 2010.
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Dyer’s word-works forecast miscommunication in everyday, ordinary spoken and written language. Neon and LED words spell out possibilities – ‘softly screaming’, ‘and then’, ‘always ever’ – are undercut by an intimacy alluded to but never directly expressed.

Dyer’s practice has been an insistent fascination with the relationship between visual art and language. Found and made words, printed and imagined texts, constructed and borrowed messages formulate the core of Dyer’s opus. Her ambitious scale and concepts have resulted in installations where books spill from doorways, columns of books become architecture and identities of cities are mapped through individual stories. In this exhibition, for the first time, Dyer will be using neon signs as her preferred medium.