Artists Talks and a Community Symposium for 'The River Project'

Two artist talks, and a Community Symposium address the issues, methodologies and outcomes of several key artistic projects featured in The River Project exhibition - which brings together artists in the Asia-Pacific region who address River ystems in their work.

Art Exhibition previously on at Campbelltown Arts Centre in Sydney precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 16 October 2010 to Saturday 16 October 2010
Launch Saturday 16 October 2010, 10am-12pm and 1-3pm

flora n fauna 2010 image 2 Degrees 2010 image The Ground, the Root, and the Air: The Passing of the Bodhi Tree 2004-2007 image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 12 October 2010.
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Artist Talks: Sepik River Project and U-Turn/Restore Respect Waka Project

10am Dr Susan Cochrane discusses her recent trip to Sepik River communities in Papua New Guinea. The Sepik River Project is supported by the Oceanic Arts Society.

11am Artist Peter T. Elers and producers Malaemie Fruean and Charlie Fruean will lead a discussion on The U-Turn/Restore Respect Waka Project with participating community members.

Upper Georges River – Community Symposium 1-3pm

Join a panel of community leaders to discuss contemporary and future environmental and social impacts facing the Upper Georges River and its communities.

Keynote speaker: Dr Ian Wright, University of Western Sydney will report on his recent independent water quality testing program of the Georges River.

If you wish to register your questions for the Panel Discussion in advance please send them to Sharyn Cullis at

RSVP 4565 4100 or

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The Upper Georges River Community Symposium is part of The River Project, the key cultural and educational project of the Upper Georges River Catchment Urban Sustainability Initiative. The project is assisted by the George River Combined Councils Committee, NSW Environmental Trust and Arts NSW.