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'a picture show'

Following the success of their 2008 exhibition Jenni Barrand, Jan Handel and Lisa Woolfe present a picture show at Breathing Colours Gallery, Balmain.

Art Exhibition previously on at Breathing Colours in Sydney precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Tuesday 16 November 2010 to Saturday 27 November 2010
Launch Tuesday 16 November 2010, 6pm-8pm

Jenni Barrand, Jan Handel, Lisa Woolfe image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 20 October 2010.
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Paintings, digital media images and sculptures show the diverse approaches to art-making taken by the artists.

Jenni Barrand, a multi-media artist, creates digital images and related sculptures. Jan Handel uses the genre of still life to examine the relationship between objects through painting, and Lisa Woolfe paints landscapes involved in a journey.

Collectively the works address the psychology of place, representing real and imagined environments.

Although working independently, Barrand, Handel and Woolfe regularly share images of their work, discuss ideas and critique progress in the studio. This culminates each week in ‘this art week’, a formal recapitulation of the week’s work


Breathing Colours Gallery
446 Darling Street,
Balmain NSW