Divas on the Cusp

Generation Next of the Central Desert

'Divas on the Cusp' features a selection of works by 20 women artists of the vast and varied regions of the central, eastern and western desert. Co-curated by Jan Sinclair of Jive Art and Susan McCulloch, curator, art writer and publisher of 'McCulloch's Encyclopedia of Australian Art', the exhibition features the work of artists who clearly demonstrate the polish and promise of future success.

Art Exhibition previously on at Jive Art in Queensland, Australia.
From Friday 12 November 2010 to Wednesday 22 December 2010
Launch Thursday 11 November 2010,

Bush Women Dreaming image

Published by McCulloch & McCulloch on Sunday 24 October 2010.
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It is an exciting time in Aboriginal art as the first generation of female artists begins to make way for the new. Standards are high and competition to stand out is intense for the next generation. As the Aboriginal art movement has matured, the well respected and well known founding generation of female artists has encouraged, and in some cases tutored, the following generation to tell their stories in compellingly new and different ways.