Forever, For Later

Melbourne artist, Tim Webster will traverse the line between the remembered and imagined in Forever, For Later opening at Screen Space on November 4. An installation of forty video screens featuring a fragmented rendering of the iconic Iguazu waterfalls, Tim creates a picture in progress of an impermanent, changing landscape.

Art Exhibition previously on at screen space in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 04 November 2010 to Saturday 27 November 2010
Launch Thursday 04 November 2010, 6-8pm

Forever, For Later image

Published by tim on Tuesday 26 October 2010.
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Forty video screens in custom built frames, each containing a series of video loops, are arranged in the gallery as a three dimensional collage. Shot over three days in Brazil and Argentina, the work continues the artist’s interrogation of time, memory and perception.

As the different details of Iguazu overlap and interrupt each other – close ups of birds darting in and out of the spray, mid shots of tourists walking along well trodden paths, wide shots of an expansive sky – we derive an overall scape, but the the temporal and spatial interruption between each screen prompts the viewer to fill in the gaps, drawing their own attention to their experience of the installation and the memories it may conjure. Just like the physical world, there is no beginning or end point. Perhaps it’s this that in the real world drives us to capture a moment for later.

Openign hours 2 – 6 Wednesday – Saturday