Michael Georgetti – Arena

Much like the Rubik’s cube he uses in his installations, the work of young and emerging artist Michael Georgetti requires us to pay attention to how forms and constructions interrelate simultaneously.

Art Exhibition previously on at Anna Pappas Gallery in Prahran precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 18 November 2010 to Thursday 23 December 2010
Launch Thursday 18 November 2010, 6pm

Elephant on stilts, 2010 image Rubik's Cube, 2010 image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 02 November 2010.
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By using constant motion of his kinetic installations and materials of questionable durability, such as hockey sticks distributing paint, melted birthday candles, chewing gum, straw dream-catchers and flimsy clothes racks, Georgetti encourages us to think about what we see as a plain image, a simple and innocent surface, and the feeling this same object would incite if it were a living object, complete with personality and feelings. Extending from the idea of play as well as mystic animism, his paintings and installations in Arena ‘celebrate the loss of trust that occurs when things fall apart’.