Vin Ryan – Endless Days

With a new photographic series of dirty dishes used by himself and his family over period of three months, Vin Ryan presents us with a gritty rawness that defines his earlier work while stunning us with the versatility of his ever-evolving medium.

Art Exhibition previously on at Anna Pappas Gallery in Prahran precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 18 November 2010 to Thursday 23 December 2010
Launch Thursday 18 November 2010, 6pm

20 meals eaten by Vin, Lisa and Lewis (between the 8 and 27 March 2010) 2, 2010 image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 02 November 2010.
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Wiping the dishes of their evening meals clean, leaving nothing on his plates out of habit (he is one of nine children), Ryan takes us through the process and psychology of eating, making the remnants an art form. Ryan’s work has been described as an attempt at ‘charting his neighbourhood surrounds and airing some of our dirty laundry’ and in with this series he does so with a sensitivity and astuteness of a willing participant.

Endless Days continues this task from a fresh angle. As the artist says himself: “I’m sitting at the table one night after dinner, staring at the empty plate in front of me … All that’s left is a thin film of pesto and a series of expressionistic scrapings left by my fork … I was never one to leave food on my plate … I’m fascinated by these simple gestures, these simple abstract impressions of modest, everyday gratification … On one level they reveal almost nothing. They don’t necessarily tell you much about what any of us might have been thinking or feeling whilst eating these meals. They reveal almost nothing about the conversations that we might have had around the dinner table … All that is left is aesthetic formalism – Abstraction if you like.”

Saturday 27 November, Vin Ryan Artist Talk. 2.30pm