Blue Terra - Desert Paintings

Blue Terra is an exhibition of earth and sky. In the desert landscape I am confronted by the enormities of such elements. The duality of the earth, Terra, and the sky, the Blue.

Art Exhibition previously on at Mils Gallery in Surry Hills precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 10 November 2010 to Sunday 21 November 2010
Launch Wednesday 10 November 2010, 6pm

Blue Terra (Dawn Sky) image Blue Terra (Night/Day) image Blue Terra (Waning Crescent) image Painted Sticks (Desert Joker) image Painted Sticks (Mottled Sky) image Painted Sticks (Desert Joker) image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 02 November 2010.
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They contradict, define and balance each other – the infinite and unknown expanse of the sky, against a single, measured grain of sand. The hessian paintings unite the two, the tactile and the esoteric, bringing substance to the abstract.

Painted Sticks represents a more immediate and tangible experience. Colour, detail, a kingfisher’s wing, an ancient finding, and the temporal and delicate nature of life, contrast and harmonise with this vast and arid landscape.