Gav Barbey

Hate Love

Until Never is proud to present Gav Barbey. HATE LOVE will feature two 150 litre pigmented ice blocks, placed on the corner of Rutledge Lane and Hosier Lane, alongside an installation at Until Never that will feature 500 pigmented ice melts on cotton rag.

Art Exhibition previously on at Until Never in Flinders Lane precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 12 November 2010 to Saturday 18 December 2010
Launch Friday 12 November 2010, 5 to 8pm

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Published by anonymous on Friday 05 November 2010.
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Gavin Barbey is one of the most versatile figures within the Australian arts scene. The international artist and filmmaker has created more than 10 films since graduating from NIDA, and works across a wide range of media, most recently creating large scale public works and exhibitions in New York.

Please join me in a live exploration of the complexities we subconsciously… socially… spiritually… economically… romantically put upon 2 words, and a look at their duel entailing.
“When we bundle individuals into groups by labeling them… we so often overlook the diversities that make them part of any such group”
If I say I only Hate or Love I deny any dual existence of life… the breath in and out… I succumb to the language of the Alphabet, the written language that holds no bearing on the sensual world I inhabit… the language we have suppressed to Black and White… not only within the printed page though within my very language which makes no sense of the sensory world that I no longer become apart of… I stand outside with the fear of what I can not intellectualize or put the alphabet to… even when I can hear the tear… touch the wound… taste the fear… see thy beauty… smell your pleasure…
Gav Barbey 


Until Never
2nd floor 3-5 Hosier Lane
Open 12am to 5pm Wednesday to Saturday