Paradise is where I am

“… paradise is where I am” is the final line of the poem The Worldly One by Voltaire (1736) and the title of this exhibition that brings together three distinct bodies of work that each touch upon experiences of anticipation, fear and ones own mortality.

Art Exhibition previously on at DEATH BE KIND in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 03 November 2010 to Sunday 21 November 2010

Paradise is where I am image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 07 November 2010.
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The Worldly One uses reason with satire to argue that happiness is a state of mind fixed on the materiality of the present rather than a promised heavenly utopia located in the abstract of the ever after. “… paradise is where I am” is about the here and now, the vantage point from which we remember the past and imagine the future.

Friday 6-8pm
Sat + Sunday 2-6pm